Piano Tuning and Repair

Piano tuning is an art and a delicate skill that takes time to master, using traditional methods of tuning including intervals of 4th and 5ths and tuning them by ear. I have recently completed an apprenticeship with Chris Teuton, himself a former student and employee of Steinway London, who has over 30 years’ experience tuning, repairing and reconditioning pianos.
When tuning pianos it is important to take into account the age of the piano, the condition of the strings and the temperature of the room. This will determine if the piano can be taken up to concert pitch or to tune it to itself.

The services I can provide are:

  • Tuning pianos to either concert pitch or to itself
  • Repairing any technical issues including sticking keys and hammer action problems.


£70 per tuning

Repair costs are dependent on the work required, please contact me with details and I will send you a free quote.  If I am dealing with a new type of repair, I will be accompanied by Chris Teuton, who if fully qualified and will work together to ensure your piano is restored to a professional standard.

Travel expenses are charged if travelling more than 15 miles from my base in Stratford-upon-Avon at 45p a mile.

Current customers include many private clients around Stratford and Evesham, as well as local schools in the area.


‘Henry made a great job of tuning our old piano which has been neglected for years. It sounds bright and tuneful now and feels like new again. Thanks!’

‘Excellent local piano tuner – reasonable rates and superb job done on all pianos at our school (uprights and grand).’

‘Henry has tuned the pianos at Holy Redeemer School annually for 2 years and was efficient, sensitive to school requirements and professional. He has a very good knowledge of the trade and tuned the pianos well.
His manner is polite and easy going. He also tunes my piano at home so I am more than happy to recommend his services. In both cases the tuning was completed in a sensible time span.’